Corporate Profile

Approved by China Banking Regulatory Commission, Haian Rural Commercial Bank is a joint-equity commercial bank reformed from the former Jiangsu Haian Rural Cooperative Bank. It was officially opened for business on February 28, 2011.

Haian Rural Commercial Bank has a registered capital of 1 billion Yuan, and its head office currently consists of 17 departments and 10 centers with 780 employees. The bank has 1 business department, 58 sub-branches and 3 sub-branches in other region (Xuyi sub-branch Xinghua sub-branch, and Jiangdu sub-branch), and is also the initial founder of Xiuwen Jianghai Rural Bank in Guiyang. Haian Rural Commercial Bank is the largest financial institution in Haian region with longest history, the most intensive network and the biggest business scale. The bank was rated as "AA level" in bank regulation ranking, "AA level" in corporate credit rating, and "5A level" in grade management & assessment held by Jiangsu Rural Credit Union for 6 consecutive years. The bank has successively acquired the honors of "Advanced unit of bank-enterprise cooperation", the "County chief quality award", the "Top 10 rural commercial Banks in China", the "Top ten brand innovation institutions of rural finance in China" and etc. The bank has also been assessed as the "Civilized unit of Jiangsu province" and "the top 12 ability evaluation systems for the steady development capability of China's agricultural and commercial banks in 2017 held by China Banking Association.

Haian Rural Commercial Bank has always been adhering to its market positioning of serving agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and supporting local economic development. The bank is a market-oriented, customer-centric institution which has been constantly deepening the reform of the operating and management system and mechanism and improving the internal control and risk management system. As a result, the bank's business has been developing healthily, with a progressive business performance year by year. Its internal management is becoming more and more standardized and more and more products and services are being provided by the bank, which ultimately improves the corporate image of the bank. By the end of 2017, the bank's total assets were 65.3 billion Yuan, its total deposits and loans reached 46.309 billion Yuan and 29.587 billion Yuan respectively. The bank's total amount of deposits and loans were ranked first among all financial institutions in Haian county for many consecutive years, making great contributions in the promotion of the economic development of the county and the construction of a new socialist countryside. Today the bank has become the main rural financial force that owns the main resources of Haian financial market, serves the economic development of Haian and benefits the vast majority of the population of Haian.

As a bank owned by Haian people, Haian Rural Commercial Bank will inherit and carry forward the enterprise spirit of "winning trust by heart, pursuing excellence in works" and the enterprise style of "diligence, preciseness, pragmatism and efficiency". The bank will serve agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and take the promotion of the county's economic development as its responsibility, and give full play to its status as a provincial legal person and other advantages. In accordance with the requirements of building a modern financial enterprise, the bank has decided to adhere to the development of in-depth integration of marketization, institutionalization and democratization, and to constantly innovate the system and mechanism, as well as to vigorously expand its business and enhance its competitive strength, so that the bank will be able to achieve its ultimate goals of creating value for its customers, creating future for its employees, creating interests for its shareholders, and creating prosperity for Haian.