Letter of Credit

  • L/C Issuance

    HRCB issues a written undertaking, by which HRCB is to make payment once the documents presented comply with the terms and conditions stipulated in the Letter of Credit (L/C).
  • Advising L/C and Amendment

    HRCB performs verification and notification of a Letter of Credit (L/C) or its modification(s) to you, an exporter and the beneficiary of L/C.
  • Export L/C Negotiation

    HRCB’s services for you, a beneficiary under export Letter of Credit (L/C) include document examination, mailing and tracing and collection of payment.


T/T Remittance

  • It’s a transfer of money by a sender (remitter) to a recipient (beneficiary) By T/T. An Inward Remittance is occurred if you, as a beneficiary, receive the money through HRCB from a remitter; and reversely an Outward Remittance if you send the money through HRCB to a beneficiary.
  • Our bank also provide cross-border RMB settlement service, the clients can receive and send RMB cross-border through our bank.



  • Clean Collection

    HRCB collects the Bills of Exchange/Drafts without commercial documents presented by you.
  • Documentary Collection

    HRCB collects payment of your commercial and financial documents from the importer through foreign collecting bank. There are two methods of payment: Documents against Payment (D/P) and Documents against Acceptance (D/A).

Packing loan

HRCB may finance you after you receive a Purchase Order (P/O) or a Letter of Credit (L/C) but before shipment is made so as to meet your funding needs for purchasing and processing raw materials, paying wages and packing goods that are to be shipped.



HRCB may purchase at an agreed discount rate and on without-recourse basis your accounts receivable (A/R) which have been accepted by a Letter of Credit (L/C) issuing bank or a drawee under Documents against Acceptance (D/A), always provided that the issuing bank’s or the drawee’s credit standing is acceptable to HRCB.


Import Finance

HRCB may finance you to meet your funding needs between imported goods and following sale or processing when Letter of Credit (L/C), inward collection or Telegraphic Transfer (T/T) is used.


Export Finance

HRCB may finance you after goods are shipped or service is performed by you but before payment is settled by the importer/buyer when Letter of Credit (L/C), outward collection or remittance is used.

According to related regulation requirements of the central bank and international regulations, we have set up a special Anti-Money Laundry Work Team, which is composed of specialists from Internal Auditing Department and operational departments and developed a comprehensive Anti-Money Laundry System inside the bank. And our Anti-Money Laundry policy reviewed by external auditor as well. A number of internal regulations have already come into force and a series of measures have been adopted to strengthen our capability of detecting and blocking money laundry transactions:

1) We have set up a “know your clients(customers)” procedures, which require all the branch networks to provide bank services only to customers who hold a settlement account with us and to register and verify customer identity before conducting transactions on behalf of the customer;

2) We have standard internal procedures for detecting, recording, analyzing and reporting large amount and suspicious transactions, which will be carried out by all branch networks;

3) We have IT system and program for monitoring of large amount and suspicious transaction.

4) We have completed internal system for client’s information safekeeping such as customer account data and account transaction records.

5) We have issued internal regulations on confidentiality maintenance as well as cooperation with related authorities in investigation of Money-Laundry Issues.

As a commercial bank, we observe the existing laws and regulations in relation to anti-money laundry in China and receive supervision and inspection from the regulatory authorities. We will continue our efforts to fight against money laundry crimes in cooperation with government authorities, correspondent banks and other financial institutions.